Here you can order an online Will or Enduring Power of Attorney using our easy to understand application forms.

If your client’s circumstances are complex, you can also submit an Estate Planning Fact Find, upon submission of which, one of our lawyers will call you to provide you with an obligation free quotation to prepare your required documentation.

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Order an Online Will »

Our online Will has a specific scope so it is important you understand what it does and does not cover.

To make sure the online Will is right for your client, you can provide them with our Will inclusions information sheet.

Order an Enduring Powers of Attorney »

Order an enduring power of attorney or appointment of enduring guardian via our easy to follow application forms.

In addition to your enduring power of attorney you will receive detailed execution and witnessing instructions.

Complete an Estate Planning Fact Find »

If your circumstances are complex or beyond the scope of our online Will, you can complete an Estate Planning Fact Find. You will be asked a series of simple questions, and following submission of your Fact Find, one of our lawyers will call you to provide you with an obligation free quotation to prepare your required documentation.

You will be prompted to create an online username and password before completing your Fact Find.

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